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Over 1000 Body Bags Being Produced Daily

Emergency response organizations, Medical Examiner offices, hospitals, and morgues across the country are quickly depleting stocks of standard and heavy-duty body bags. Many have resorted to using thin lightweight or economy bags while increasing to using two or three per decedent to ensure durability and safety. This sudden demand has left the few body bag manufacturers and suppliers with the inability to keep up with the demand. Even with adding more employees and multiple shifts, body bag manufacturers are reporting backlogs of three to six months, or longer.

Recognizing this need, ESBE Scientific began pursuing vendors across the continent to assist in the effort. Over 1000 body bags are being produced daily by Mopec. ESBE offers a wide assortment of body bags from Mopec and Cardinal Health for cadaver management.

# d´itemDescriptionQtéPrix
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SHROUD MORTUARY XLRG, 20EA/CAConnectez-vous pour visualiser les prix
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PACK MORTUARY/SHROUD, 20EA/CAConnectez-vous pour visualiser les prix
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Adult Zipper Body Bag, U Shaped, Length: 94", Width: 38", Heat Sealed, Closed End, With 2 bottom stop, Polyethylene Straight Zipper, Tested to ensure protection. Emphasized the need for strength, safe containment, flexibility, accessibility and quiet.Connectez-vous pour visualiser les prix
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Adult Body Bag, Polyethylene. Ideal for storage, burials and cremation, Length: 94", Width: 38", Double sided tape,Straight down center,Thickness: 0.004GA, PVC free, Heat sealed on all sides, Impervious to fluidsConnectez-vous pour visualiser les prix
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Body Bag, COVID-19 USA Response, Heavy Duty TRANSPORT, 6 Strap HandlesConnectez-vous pour visualiser les prix
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Body Bag, COVID-19 USA Response, Standard DutyConnectez-vous pour visualiser les prix